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I am delighted to write this letter of appreciation. We have now used Ace Construction on three different projects and each time the work has been done to our satisfaction. Your bid has been lower than the competitions' and the job has been completed on time and within the budget. The quality of the work is excellent and the job site has been left in immaculate condition. It has been a pleasure to work with you. We thank you and look forward to working with you on future projects.
Kristin Sergienko
We have been pleased to recommend you since your first job with us and wish you every success. We do have some work that we would like to complete before Christmas. We would like to talk with you about finishing a room in the basement, redoing a bathroom and refinishing floors. The bathroom is the priority - do you have a plumber that you work with?
My story began in April when my mother died. We knew she needed a new roof before we could sell her residence and to add to that, it was a flat roof. We had never dealt with a flat roof before so called many contractors. We, unfortunately, chose an unscrupulous contractor who not only did not do the job, but what was done was very shoddy work. We didn’t find out about this (since we knew nothing about the flat roof) until the home was inspected during the selling process, and realized we were “duped”. We immediately contacted Bruce who went above and beyond in the repair and warranty of the roof. He was very patient with my questions (I was very nervous about roofers at this time) and he answered each and every question with answers any layman could understand. His crew was at the work site when Bruce said they would be, they were very courteous, took pictures of the shoddy work of the other contractor, replaced and repaired all the issues in the inspection report (which was a whole new roof!). He was there whenever we needed him to be. Clean up and the next inspection went through without a hitch! Without Bruce and his knowledge, the experience I received from the unscrupulous contactor in the first place could have added the stress level immeasurably. Using Bruce as the contractor expelled all the stress and his warranties only helped to sell the house. I can’t say enough for the company’s integrity and communication. If you don’t use Bruce, you might wish you had in the first place as I did. A horrible experience was changed into a wonderful experience!
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